The World is a Mirror

The world is a mirror of your belief system. What do you believe? Do you believe in a world of lack and limitation? Or do you believe in prosperity and abundance. Whichever one is more dominant in your thinking, will usually be reflected outwards into the world.

Inspect your mind constantly. Cleaning out old belief systems is a second by second process. Be vigilant for beliefs and thoughts that don’t support your quest for the spiritual life.

Thoughts are like thieves. They enter the mind unnoticed and then start to steal all your spiritual energy. The way to get rid of them is to be constantly alert to when they enter the mind. Consciousness of these thoughts, instantly makes them disappear.

It is said, that the light casts out all darkness. Your job then, is to let more light in. Light is another word for being more conscious. (June 9, 2004 The Daily Guru)

Engaging the Heart

Those who find their place don’t reporting 24-hour highs. They’re not jazzed all the time. They still complain about annoying administration randomly puncturing their concentration. However, their language invoked a different troika: meaningful/significant/fulfilling. And they rarely ever talk about their work without interweaving some of their personal history, explaining how the two are related…..

There’s a difference between something that stimulates you for a year and something you can be passionate about for ten years. What is the difference? One thing is not ten times more stimulating than the other. The difference is whether your heart’s in it….
The traditional search for a career begins with the question “What am I good at?” But that’s often not the right starting point for finding a calling….

The true search is for what you believe in. When your heart’s engaged, the inevitable headaches and daily annoyances become tolerable and don’t derail your commitment. Let your brain be your heart’s soldier. (From the book “What Should I Do with My Life?” (by Po Bronson), p.47-8)

Out of darkness, the new is born

Some of the uglier aspects of human behavior today arise from fear of the wholesale changes we must now undergo.

To let ourselves feel anguish and disorientation as we open our awareness to global suffering is a part of our spiritual ripening. Mystics speak of the “dark night of the soul.” Brave enough to let go of accustomed assurances and allow old mental comforts and conformities to fall away, they stand naked to the unknown. They let processes which their minds could not encompass work through them. Out of darkness, the new is born. (Coming Back To Life (by Joanna Macy and Molly Young Brown), p. 45)