May Blog #2

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 アメリカ英語 のみです。


感謝する心の状態は、特に自分の心の置き方によって左右されます。つまり、周りの人にどのように見られているかという心配事を手放すこと、結果重視ではなく、自分の全存在をかけて、人生に活動的に参加すること。また、幸せを追求することをやめ、あなたが手がける全てのこと(出会う全ての人)に「幸せをもたらす」ことに力を入れること。つまり、完璧な喜びというのは、努力を手放し、その代わりに「すでにあなた自身の中に存在していること」を強く認識することなのです。 (There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne Dyer, p.247)

May Blog #1

May 7


Individuals rarely have much influence, but together with others, the effect is greatly expanded.

JR: Integrating often conflicting ideals into your life requires constant balancing. In many human societies, the community structure projects a feeling of binding like a chain holding a person back from her aspirations. In many societies, the reaction against this entrapment has become an extreme form of rugged individualism that has severely weakened community. Regaining a healthy balance will be necessary in order to heal the social problems of today.

PP: Do you have a good balance between individualism and community? If not, what can you do to achieve a more comfortable and fulfilling balance?

PA: My clear answer is YES and NO. (Sorry to say that many of my answers are murky, as I find myself struggling to find the answer.) I talk about community a lot and yet shy away from getting too involved. I need people and love setting up programs that get people of various backgrounds together. Yet, I selfishly savor my private time and value my introverted side, getting antsy when I feel it being intruded upon. Learning how to clearly separate and balance my need for separateness and need for community continues to be a challenge.